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Homeschool (Simple)

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Homeschool (Simple)

Notion Family
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Welcome to the Homeschooling template (Version 2). Here you get an individual dashboard for each family member with a timetable and a filing cabinet for School work. 

This is for those who have regular timetables each week and multiple kids. It allows you to keep a timetable that can be easily edited and viewed by all family members. You can add in parent duties and track where you are supposed to be and when. You can also add in childrens classes/ teachers / subjects.

The School Filing Cabinet allows students and parents to add completed work, resources and plan projects and assignments. Students can set due dates and see a calendar of all their work.

Parents can access all school work and tag themselves in projects they want to help with or monitor. Parents can also set weekly recourses like 'spelling words' that they want to see and have easy access to.

This comes with instructions on the quickest and easiest ways to set up each person's timetable. Students also get a section with help videos. 

  • Everyone gets their own Dashboard to see their timetable and work. (Including parents)
  • Parent helpers see a full timetable and can access everyones work.
  • You can track multiple children and parent helpers (no limit)
  • Share dashboards with teachers and teachers aids too.
  • Add in completed work, all your resources and manage and plan assignments.
  • Instructions and videos included, plus a 'Student Help' section.
  • Easy to set up

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You get: Two database with several properties already set up, a dashboard for each family member (Parents and Students), full instructions for parents and student help videos.


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