Homeschooling (Full version)

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Welcome to the Homeschooling Template. This is the full version of our Homeschooling Template and is designed for large families who run school from home. It allows for full lessons planning and work submission. It also allows for grading and tracking of all work, students and subjects.

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* Plan lessons, set tasks, assignments and track quizzes

* Track multiple students and teachers.

* Track subjects...all work, resources and grades

* Flexible timetables (by day of the week or by date).

* Share with teachers and aids

* A space for Students to dream and work, with their own targeted help videos.

* Comes with lengthy instructions and videos.

* Issues Log to report and ask questions

Still not convinced? Checkout the Notion Family YouTube channel and watch the walk through video. For a free and simpler version you can download 'Homeschooling through COVID'.

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You get 6 interconnected databases and 7 dashboards. Full video instructions

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Homeschooling (Full version)

0 ratings
I want this!