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ORGANISE YOUR FAMILY LIFE ….store everything in one place. Your paperwork,finance, house renos, garden plans, vehicle details, groceries list, meal plans, pet vaccinations, fav clothing stores, all your medical issues , birthday and holiday events and much more.

***Customers are given free access to all future templates added to the hub. ***

Forget having 2 Note apps, excel spread sheets and a massive filing cabinet. Store, plan and track everything in the one place! Let the Notion app do the work for you. Buying the Family Hub means you don’t have to do loose track of anything ever again. Watch the Trailor or the full walk through. You will love it!

The Geek Tech stuff

This Family Hub is where it all begins. This is our approach to structuring your Notion workspace for all things family. Unlike the basic version it comes with 44 databases covering several areas of life:

It has 8 core databases that link it all together including a Filing Cabinet, Tags, projects, Areas, Tasks and service providers.

The superpower of the Family Hub is that, behind the scenes, all the data is interconnected. There are a series of related databases that do all the complicated stuff out of sight. It's an approach to building your workspace that provides you with the structure you need to keep heaps of detailed information and have it presented in a format that makes it easy to see exactly what you want and easy to enter things quickly. It allows you to create, access and edit all your information through easy to use dashboards that can be customise to your needs.

Watch the Trailor (3min)

We started with the Family Hub because we think its the most important piece of the Notion Family puzzle. If you start here, everything else links up and falls into place. The template allows you to set up all family members, so that you can link everything you do back to family members and all areas of life. 

Watch the Full Walk through (14mins)

The Core

'Areas' are all the larger sections of your life e.g. Finance, Education, Medical, Work etc. Everything is linked to this database.

The Filing Cabinet keeps everything from documents, to notes, to bills. Tag it all correctly and choose the area it belongs. Then you will always find everything in the right place.

The Tasks database holds all your "Jobs", and lives on most dashboards and is connected to all the relevant Areas of your life.

Tags are for all the small things in each Area. For example you may want to filter the Area of Education into several tags - Pre-school, Graduation, University etc.

Projects are seen in the Home Renovation and Gardening Dashboards, however you can also add other types of projects to be used in other areas. For example 'Work' projects.

The Budget database can be seen in several areas of the Family Hub. Track where all your money goes.

All family members can be tracked and viewed separately. Each profile contains their medical profile, measurements, schedules, sickness and injury, milestones, a filing cabinet, creation and photos.

Areas of Life

Grocery Shopping - Designed for a large grocery shop and several small shops (Butcher, Baker, Pharmacy etc). It makes planning for shops and actual shopping quicker.

Finance - A simple set up that can store all areas of Finance. This is a great starter template that covers Bank details, tracks receipts, bills, claims. Includes Budget, tasks and Filing Cabinet.

House - Includes a House Information section and a large House Renovation template that allows you to manage projects, keep a timeline, shop for goods, keep a budget, make tasks, track tradesmen, and store resources.

Garden Hub - Track your Veggie garden, indoor plants and your outdoor trees. Nine interconnected databases that allow you to shop for goods, track health issues, manage plots, plantings & harvest. Store resources, set tasks, manage projects, keep a budget and more.

Schedules - Use this to plan after school activities outside of work and school. It allows you to plan what everyone is doing and which parent will usually be attending. Everyone can see their own schedules in their own profiles.

Vehicles - Use this area to store Vehicle information. For all those times you quickly need to see paperwork, contact a Services provider, or track when a service it due.

Medical Hub - The Medical Hub is where you can view of everyones medical profiles, doctors/specialists and your medical Filing cabinet. You can add many more databases to this sections and can even store your Sickness and Injury tracker here. I’ve added a free Vaccine tracker in the 2022 update

Measurements - This holds an overview of all your families measurements. For children we can see Weight, Height and Head Circumference. For Adults we can measure and record all body parts e.g. waist, bust, thigh and it will even tell us our BMI. Family members can also see this in their own profiles.

Creations - All your creations in the one place! Do your kids want to you to keep ALLLL their art work? Take a pic and keep it here. Or maybe you're the Artist.

Photos - Your Mini Photo Gallery seen here. Notion is not the best place to keep lots of photos, but I like to keep a few special ones here so I can easily show people my family.

Sickness - Track Sickness, Injury and mental health episodes Every-time a family member has a medical event track all the details and then you can also update the event. This way you never forget which finger it Johnny broke or what year little lucy had that epileptic fit. (Or get the more Complex Medical Add on. See below)

Milestones and achievements - All your achievements in the one place! Add your special moments. When did baby talk, walk? When did you graduate that course? Each family member can see it on their individual profile. Even Pets!

Personal Dashboards - Set up your own private dashboard with all the things you personally want to see. Allow others in family who work in Notion to do the same.

Pet Hub - The Pet Hub tracks it all....weight, milestones and a pet schedule. It allows you to store sickness, injury, vet visits, immunisations and grooming events. You can plan walking routes, a pet budget and a diary as well as keep all pet paperwork in the one place.

Meals - A simple meal planner for families who want to set a monthly or fortnightly meal plan without having to adjust a calendar and plan constantly. You can connect Recipes and a shopping list to each meal.

Store Tracker - Clothes and Shoes - Add all your clothes and shoe shopping ideas and needs. So when you are out and about at the shops you can see what else you need to buy. You can also use this space to track ideas, websites and favourite stores.Track items, logins, Wish list, specials, cards and more.

Cleaning Hub - Manage all kids chores, room to room cleaning, seasonal jobs and more.

Events - Birthdays, Parties, Functions and Family Holidays. Shop for and plan multiple events!

Jucuzzi- Pool- Sauna - Record Chemicals, levels, dumping, Issues, cleaning, Documents!

Medical Hub (Complex) - Add on

Add on the complex Medical Addition to your Family Hub. For those with more complex medical needs! (Keep in mind that the Full Family Hub includes a sickness tracker for basic medical tracking and is still comprehensive.)

  • A full multidisciplinary overview: Keep track of appointments, service providers, and medical events for each area of health.
  • Track multiple family members.
  • Family members can view their own medical profiles, including diagnoses, appointments, surgeries, medical events, medications, and measurements.
  • Track episodes of sickness or injury for each family member. Add observations and progress for each event.
  • Surgery planning, research, and checklists.
  • Appointment planning and note-taking.
  • Medical projects and research projects.
  • Track details about insurance and wills.
  • Record family history of illnesses and passings.
  • Exercise dashboard: A place to store all your exercise templates. Includes a free 'Run' template.
  • Service providers: Track, rate, and link to health areas, events, and medications.
  • Mental health: Track appointments, episodes, progress, and get a free copy of the Neurodivergent template.
  • Dietary issues: Track it all with free templates. Track fluid intake, bowel movements, reactions, and food trials.
  • Completely integrated with your Projects, Filing Cabinet, Service Providers.
  • Comes with full instructions.

Come look inside the Family Hub.

Below is a taste of what you will get including a more simple Sickness tracker for those who don't add on the Complex Medical Hub.


***Customers are given free access to all future templates added to the hub. ***

# Keep life organised!

# Keep records for years to come

# Keep adding to Your Notion set up a way that stays organised!

I want this!

Here is what you get: 30 Dashboards to manage your large Family Hub. 44 Interconnected Databases, Full Instructions on each dashboard.

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Family Hub (Full Version)

0 ratings
I want this!